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Let test youtube video on this page. Should work!!!



Viertel and Long are both actively working on other projects — Viertel was a co-producer on The Adjustment Bureau, and Long is developing a script with Christopher McQuarrie — but look forward to them potentially creating a second season of Strictly Sexual for the web, depending on the first season’s success. The plan is that the first season will pay for the next.

“Web TV is rooted in character, and indie films are rooted in character — people identify with that and want to see it. [The web] is a viable way for indie filmmakers to make a living putting their content out there — the new home for the next big indie hit is Netflix or Hulu,” Long said.

Of course, what’s key is the budget. “If the movie had cost 10 mill, it would be a very different scenario,” Viertel said. “There’s a cutoff for how much something can cost before it stops making sense.”

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